Capital Credits

The most profound and distinct differences between electric cooperatives and other utility business structures is that electric cooperatives are not-for-profit organizations that are member-owned and member-controlled.  As a not-for-profit organization, your Cooperative does not strive to produce profits for shareholders and investors but must maintain a sound financial position for the membership.  Your Cooperative sets […]

Deceased Member’s Capital Credit Retirement Options The heirs/legatees of a deceased Cooperative member have two options to receive the capital credits due to the deceased member. Option 1: The first option is the general retirement option which will pay the heirs/legatees of the deceased member the non-discounted capital credits according to the normal retirement process […]

If you find your own name listed in our database below, please  call us at 1-800-833-2611 during normal business hours so we can update your information and reissue your refund. If you find the name of your deceased spouse in our database, please complete the Affidavit Form below and send it to us. If you […]