Medical Necessity

The Cooperative realizes that there are members that either depend on life-sustaining electric equipment (electrically driven oxygen concentrator, nebulizer, dialysis machine, etc.) or may have someone living permanently in the home that depends on life-sustaining electric equipment.

To have your account designated as “Medical Necessity” means that we would attempt to contact you by telephone, if your line needed to be de-energized (for repair, upgrading, etc) and inform you of the expected length of the outage.   While the Cooperative cannot guarantee continuity of service due to occurrences beyond our control, the Cooperative would also try to prioritize your location during an outage.

Anyone who requires the use of medical equipment that utilizes electricity should have an alternate source of electric power and communication on hand, such as a backup generators, extra batteries, flashlights, nonelectric telephones and cell phones, to provide for your life support and comfort in the event of an extended outage.

Please note, however, that it does not exempt you from being disconnected for nonpayment or for outages due to uncontrollable reasons.

In order to place your account on “Medical Necessity”, we need confirmation from your doctor. Please have the Medical Authorization Form below completed. The Form will need to be completed by the account holder as well as the doctor and returned to the Cooperative for approval.