Report Service Outage

Reporting a Power Outage 

If your power goes off, we offer these suggestions 

1. Check the fuses or circuit breakers in your service panels. If you have breakers, make sure they are  in the “ON” position.

2. If you have a meter pole, check the main breaker panel just below the meter socket. If the breaker is in the”OFF” position,    check all of your wiring from the meter pole to your various buildings. If the wiring appears to be okay, reset the breaker to the “ON” position.

3. If you still do not have power, check with neighbors to see if they have power.

4. To report a power failure or other emergency, please phone 877-399-8405. This phone number is monitored around the clock,  365 days per year to accept your outage and emergency calls.

5. Your phone call will be handled by Southeastern’s automated outage reporting system and will be identified automatically through ANI (Automatic Number Identification). An outage record will then be generated for your location. Please note that the phone from which you place the call will be the number used to generate the record. If the system fails to recognize your phone number, members having touch-tone phones may simply enter their seven digit phone number (without area code) in order to report the outage. Members not having touch-tone phones will be asked to leave a message. It is important you leave your name, phone number and location of the outage. Retrieving messages and entering them into the system is time consuming; therefore, please leave only a message that will help in restoration of electric service. Do not remain on the line for an operator because a live operator is not there to respond. In order to keep a current listing of all numbers, it is important that you notify the Cooperative of any changes in your telephone number.

6. Handling outage calls electronically allows you to report power failures very quickly. Once your outage has been reported, it will be dispatched to repair personnel who will restore your outage as soon as possible. Calling back repeatedly will not shorten the length of the outage, but may hinder the efforts of other members who are trying to report outages.

Outage Calls Only

1-877-399-8405 Report Service Outage