Meter Test Request

Your Cooperative utilizes solid-state metering technology which offers numerous advantages over the former electromechanical (rotating disc) meters.  The newer solid-state meters provide more accurate measurement of energy use and do not require calibration like the electromechanical meters. 

In addition, the solid-state meters also contain an additional module that allows your Cooperative to automatically read the meter thru the power line on a frequent basis, report energy consumption at various intervals and provide you with more detailed information about your energy consumption.

If you have questions about your energy consumption, please contact the Cooperative at (800)-833-2611 and speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives which can provide you with more detail about your energy use.  If you would like to have your meter tested, please fill out the following form and a representative of the Meter Department will test your meter and notify you of the test results.

Meter Test Request Form