Energy Efficiency

Heating in the Winter • Set thermostats no higher than 72ºF when people are home. You save about 1% to 3% on your heating bill for every 1º that you lower the thermostat setting. For example, if you keep your thermostat set at 75ºF all the time, and you lower it by 3º to 72ºF, […]

The average family is looking for ways to lower their power bill. While there’s not much any of us can do about the rising cost of fuel and energy, we are in control of our own usage. There are many ways to use energy more wisely, using simple, back-to-the-basics methods to cut our monthly power […]

What Uses WATTS To calculate cost per month, take the suggested KWh/Mo usage times your KWh cost. Kitchen Appliance Avg.Watts Hours/Mo. kWh/Mo. BBQ Grill 1350 6 8.1 Bread Maker 210 8 1.68 Broiler 390 3 1.2 Coffee Maker 900 50 45 Deep Fat Frier 1450 5 7.3 Dishwasher(incl water heating cost) 1200 30 36 Electric […]