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Average kWh’s Per Day: Total kWh’s used this month divided by the number of days in this billing period.Average Cost Per Day: Total energy charges (excluding tax and device rentals) for this billing divided by the number of days in this billing period.Service From and To: Dates the previous and present meter readings were obtained for this billing period.Days: Number of days in this billing period.Previous Balance:  Pending balances from last month.Adjustments: May include service charges, and debit/credit adjustments for correcting previous billings.Penalty: A late fee is assessed when payment is not received by the bill due date.Payment – All payments received since your last billing.Balance Prior to this Billing – The sum total of Previous Balance, Adjustments, Penalty, and Payment.  When this is a balance owing (debit), your account may be subject to disconnection.Delinquent and Cutoff Notice:  You are responsible for paying this minimum amount due BY the CUTOFF date to avoid disconnection.Kilowatt-hour Charge: Usage is broken out according to the tier rates within your Rate Class, and reflects the charges per kWh for each tier.Service Availability Charge: Monthly charge associated with distribution expenses which include metering,operation & maintenance, plant investment, billing, property taxes, administrative & general costs.Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment: The change in any purchase power cost or generation cost.Environmental/Regulatory Compliance Charge: Cost to comply with environmental regulations regarding the generation of your electricity.Security Lights and other Devices:  Monthly rental fees associated with the cost of providing energy used and maintenance costs.Public Utility Tax:  A State Tax collected at the rate of the lesser of 1) 5% of total revenue charges(excluding taxes and rented devices), OR 2) $0.0032 per kWh used.Current Month Charges: Total of Kilowatt-hour charge, Facility Charge, Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment, Environmental/Regulatory Compliance Charge, Security Lights & other devices, and Public Utility Tax.Mailing Date: Date this bill was prepared, printed, and mailed.Amount Due: The total of Balance Prior to this Billing and Current Month Charges.Due Date:  Last date to pay to avoid late charges.Late Charge: 5% fee added to any current bill amount not paid and posted to your account by 4:00 p.m. on the Due Date.Pay This Amount After Due Date:  Total of Amount Due plus the 5% Late Fee you will need to Submit if payment will not be posted by 4:00 p.m. on the Due Date.Voluntary Contribution to Renewable Energy Resource Trust Fund:  Assistance for the feasibility of qualified, renewable energy projects that deliver energy into the distribution system.